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My passion and expertise for all things weightlifting led me to creating this site. The aim is for it to become the most all-encompassing online guide.

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We test all the latest and best powerlifting clobber to bring you the best in shoes, belts and supplementation.


Whether you’re bulking or cutting, we’ve got the nous and nutritional expertise to keep you in perfect health.

Weight lifting

Perfectly crafted programs and in-depth guides for everything strength training related.

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weightlifting supplementation

There’s a lot of nonsense pushed by companies that stand to make a profit out of supplementation. As you search to get the extra 1-2% out of your training, supplements can help. But read this and don’t waste your money.

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how to bulk

If you want to get stronger, you need to eat more. Regardless of what you might have heard, it is possible to bulk up sensibly and minimise fat gain. Follow my guide to bulking and see your strength and size explode.

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london’s best gyms

If you’re looking to take powerlifting more seriously, you’ll need to join a quality gym. I’ve been to all the best weightlifting gyms in and around London and collated them into this handy guide, just for you!

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The Quest for Strength

I’ve used my own powerlifting programs for the last 2 years and they’ve certainly worked for me. I think they’re fucking brilliant!

Harry – The Quest for Strength

Happy client

I’ve worked with Harry for the last year and I’ve used his powerbuilding program to gain amazing size AND strength. Thoroughly recommended!

Josh Frisby

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