I’m Harry. Editor and SEO legend by day.

Natural lifter, obviously.

28 (as of 2019).

Powerlifting and bodybuilding fan.

Greasy food lover.

Arnold made me fall in love with bodybuilding. Powerlifting just felt like the next natural step because you can live a normal life with it.

You can go out with your friends and not be as neurotic. You probably won’t look as good, but pass it off as always being in bear mode and you’ll be fine.

I started Quest for Strength out of my love for content and strength training, as a way to build a platform and engage with lifters around the world.

I love to hear from everyone who’s enjoyed the content on the site and any suggestions you have please email me @ clarksonbennett23@gmail.com or head over to the contact us page.

Every product reviewed has been extensively researched and more often than not tried personally. I’m sick of reading lists from people and publications who don’t have a clue.

So we’re trying to change that!

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