Beginner Powerlifting Program


A 4 day a week powerlifting program designed to increase size and strength whilst allowing for sport and ample recovery inbetween.

It’s tough, but manageable and a great step into the world of powerlifting.

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Beginner Powerlifting Program

Any beginner powerlifting or weightlifting program should have a real focus on GPP (General Physical Preparation). It’s essential to become accustomed to strenuous exercise and build up over time.

  • Play sport
  • Lift sensibly
  • Eat, sleep and get sufficient recovery

If you have never lifted weights seriously before then you will progress with linear periodisation.

This means all you need to do is add a little weight every week and reduce the overall volume. That’s why this program is so effective.

If you’re using powerlifting as a tool to improve sports performance, then this 4 day a week program allows for recovery.

  • Deadlift once per week with one close variation
  • Squat once per week with one close variation
  • Bench Press and OHP once per week
  • Sufficient upper and lower body hypertrophy for muscle growth

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