Explosive Powerbuilding Program


Ideal for intermediate lifters looking to gain size and strength, this periodised powerbuilding program is a great way to prepare for a powerlifting meet, improve your sports performance and generally build quality muscle.

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Explosive Powerbuilding Program

Ideal for intermediate level lifters and sportsman looking to increase size and explosive power, this 9 week powerbuilding program incorporates three distinct phases:

  1. An initial hypertrophy phase
  2. A strength phase
  3. A power phase

The initial hypertrophy phase is designed to build a strong base and increase muscle size.

The strength phase reduces overall volume and increases in specificity and intensity. You’ll focus more on the main lifts and eliminate some of the more ‘unnecessary’ accessory lifts to prevent overtraining.

The final phase (the power phase) reduces volume even further and increases in weight. The lifts get heavier, whilst the overall volume continues to subside, as if you were preparing for a powerlifting meet.

Post program, you can take a week off and then have a test week if you’re keen to check your 1RM progress. Alternatively you can take a week off and go straight into another program.

All of the core concepts and ideal accessory lifts are explained the program. All you need to do is add in your own 1RM figures in theĀ input tab and voila – you’re ready!

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