Teaching the Jerk

How to Teach the Jerk When looking to teach the Olympic Lifts, working in a reverse chain methodology to me makes the most sense. By this I mean you work in reverse order, for example when teaching The Clean, you first want to teach people the Rack position, then the Front Squat, then the Hang … Read more Teaching the Jerk

Jerk Variation: The Power Jerk

The Power Jerk The Power Jerk is a fundamental variation of the jerk and one that should be taught to an athlete once they’re is familiar with the dip and drive motion they’ve learned in the push press. The dip and drive is a core mechanic of the power jerk, as it accelerates the barbell … Read more Jerk Variation: The Power Jerk

Jerk Variation – Push Press

The Push Press Once the athlete is becoming more competent with the Clean and Clean variations, the athlete must start learning the Jerk section of the lift, alongside its variations. The Push Press is a core variation of the Jerk and enables the athlete to begin learning some upper body explosiveness, timing and ways to … Read more Jerk Variation – Push Press